Include is an offering by Elena Taurke, a psychologist, zen student, and performing artist whose encounters with life breed inquiry and method.  

Including everything without exception is the mission of PsychoZen.*  Instead of trying to make differences disappear--if they would just see it my way--we can face them, embrace them, and invite them to transform us as we try to understand what we cannot understand.

Outsiders are included here, part of the community.  It is time for us to make an evolutionary leap, individually and collectively.  To build community, we recognize others as ourselves, even if the don't look or act or think as we do.  

You'll find stories and opinions on the PsychoZen Blog.  You'll find practical advice on working with your mind on Work With It.  And in development, a theatrical investigation of woman-to-woman transmission.  




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*Please note, PsychoZen is a personal concoction, not official zen.  All misunderstandings are mine, and do not reflect the wisdom of my excellent teachers.