Picking up the Other Dog's Poop

I have a dog. My dog poops.  So do the other dogs. People get mad at dogs because their owners leave the poop under their shoes.

I love my dog and want him to be accepted by the community. So, I help him out if I pick up the other dogs' poops, the ones just waiting to slide under your shoe. But I can't bring myself to do it...well, once I did, because I wanted to be able to brag on this site. Is that a worthy reason? 

What will it take for us to take responsibility for each other? Self interest? Wisdom? Empathy? Enough poop on our shoes?   (12/17/08)

Update, two years later:

It continues to be rare that I pick up poop that doesn't belong to me.  I will if it's easy, if I have an extra bag, if I'm in an interconnected state of mind, or if the offending poop is egregious, like in the middle of the sidewalk, then maybe I'll do it.   And, really, my feeling of responsibility for others is equally fickle.  Make it easy for me to donate and I will.  Make it obvious someone needs help, and I will help them.  And when I feel isolated, narcissistic, fearful, I do not offer help with an open heart, nor do I accept it.  1/26/11

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