I need a DO OVER! (guest post)
Thursday, May 24, 2012 at 10:02AM
Elena Taurke in People of Color, Racism

An email from my friend, John:

Hey folks:

Today's lesson: Stick with your own kind.  I know it sounds harsh but sometimes the consequences for not doing so can be quite intense.  Black men should go to Black barbers.

It all began when I got my locks roots re-tighened about 2 weeks ago. It's so tough to find a really good black hair salon without the hair salon drama which seemly only occurs in the black salons. Anyway, the woman who did my hair is not a barber could not line my hair unlike the woman in Vancouver who did my hair. The line for my hair was only partially done and soon my hair started to grow and become unruly and caused me to think about addressing the issue. Jump forwarded to today I am driving back to my office from the Shoreline area of Seattle (pretty white) and I saw a sign that said Barber and another sign that said African Hair Braiding next to the Barber sign.  I drove by and then turned around and decided that I should have the barber give me a line. I thought since the African Hair Braiding and Barber signs were close together that all would be well.  It turned out that the African Hair braiding was upstairs and the barber was downstairs.  So I proceeded to go into the barber shop and informed  the barber that I just needed a line.  Afterall I had had white barber line me before in Vancouver without issues but today was different.  I now look like I have a receding hair line and I lost two locks from the bottom row on the back of my head and several locks hanging on by a hair (pun intended).

I am still recovering and want a DO OVER.

February 2011

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