April Fools | OGReHome Opening Day
Friday, June 1, 2012 at 8:57AM
Elena Taurke in Aging, Menopause, People Getting Old, Time

The joke is on me.  My plan (what is it about plans?) was to open OGReHome on April Fools Day.   Instead, the server had to process the change.  Well, you know what the shrinks (and artists and philosophers and wise women and men) say about process.  So I'm relishing the process of waiting...waiting as I suffer from the effects of random perimenopausal insomnia...waiting as I continue my responsibilities and pleasures today...waiting as the world continues its bumping business of standing up for wealthy taxpayers at the expense of struggling subway riders.  Not my problem, they say.   But in fact, it's all part of the process.

...process...process...process... you know when you write something over and over and over again the letters start spinning around and losing their coherence.  The word falls apart along with your world... or is that just my insomniac fatigue?   

is it me or the world or my fatigue?  is it me or the world or my situation?  is it me or the world or my hormones? is it me or the world or ... is the world the weather the family the job the news or the ...  and what is me anyway?  



April 2009

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Letters to the OGRe

 Submitted by Chrys Kasapis on Sat, 05/09/2009 - 18:19.
Elena, The site is really great and fun.  I have been smiling the whole time watching the videos and reading some of the commetary.  I think the way to feel less like an outsider is to find pieces of you that connect with other people and I love the piece of me that connects with you and that's why it always so great to see you or experience something that you have created! One technical thing-I had difficulty reading some of the writing where the background is black and the writing is black.  Best of luck with the site-Chrys

It took me a day or three to get comfortable
with the Ogres (knowing me, you probably won't be surprised), but now
that I have, I realize that the images are fully appropriate. They are
right for the theme, and also for today's sensibility!
Daughter (Ogre) asks "what made you uncomfortable about the ogres?"
Marina responds:

About the ogres: you ask tough questions. The simple answer is that mine was an intuitive/aesthetic response, perhaps a fairly universal one: to turn away from what is unattractive, or, simply put, ugly. Why else do the frog and the beast have to turn into handsome princes before the "happily ever" after can happen? I believe some contemporary rewrites have the maidens learn to appreciate and love the frog/beast for their inner goodness. With the ogre images, there is also the component of potential violence--a la King Kong, or the Frankenstein monster. Their inner sweetness and vulnerability takes a while to appreciate. That's where I took myself, but it took some thought and work. Finally, I concluded, because of all the above, that the images were quite right as emblems of the outsider who needs help and may not know how to ask for it, or where. Does that make sense? 

Oh, and thank you for including me in your site, and the good things you
say about me (over there, by the sketches). It's very meaningful to me.

Submitted by Laura Epstein Rosen ( ) on Mon, 04/20/2009 - 15:41.

Wow!  Here I am sitting in my office with a rare free hour (the holiday, of
course) and I went to check out your website.  It’s amazing!  I can’t
believe the amount of care, thought, and effort you put into this!
 It’s an incredible undertaking...  Really fascinating stuff... And
lots of wisdom too.  Mazel Tov on the site!

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